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Eva Sandberg Transito
Eva Sandberg.Head of Rolling Stock Management at Transito. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Shared data provides improved train traffic

Published: 4 February 2021

Eva Sandberg, Head of Rolling Stock Management at Transito, which delivers railway vehicles to regional public transport, participates in the project AI for Railways, AIFR, which is operated at Luleå University of Technology.
– It is fantastic that the university brings together different stakeholders to develop train traffic, she says.

For a year Eva Sandberg has been a member in the project of AI Factory Railways, AIFR, at Luleå University of Technology. AIFR brings together representatives from various companies in the railway industry and researchers. The work is led by Ramin Karim, professor of operation and maintenance.
- The goal is, among other things, to create an AI engine that can process large amounts of data and make analyzes that the various stakeholders can use, he says.

Arrive on time

According to Eva Sandberg, the common interest in the project is that the train business should work.
- We all have the same goal - that the trains run as they should and that the passenger arrives on time. From our perspective as a vehicle owner, we hope that in the project we will be able to achieve a common picture that is based on facts from several different sources. That would be great. The data collected here could, among other things, help us work more proactively instead of reactively, she says.

Eva Sandberg believes that if the actors concerned can obtain a common picture, they can together prioritize what should be done to create the best benefit for the traveler.
- As a vehicle owner, we can provide project data from vehicles and maintenance information. From the other participants, we can get access to data that we do not currently have. Here at AIFR we can merge our data.
She believes that the AI engine that is to be created would be good for handling large amounts of data, which can then lead to it being possible to see connections faster and what can be done.
- If it makes it possible to see the complicated connections, it would be great, it can show what we can do the next time we happen to something.

Fantastic coordination

When the project is completed, Eva Sandberg hopes that the participants have reached a common picture of what affects train traffic and that it is possible to show the effect of sharing data sources so that more actors can use them.
- I hope that we get a basis that we can work on further. It is fantastic that universities can coordinate a project like this. That we can have common data sources where everyone is involved and everyone wants to be involved and share data, says Eva Sandberg.


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