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Innovation in visualization of 3D/4D geological models
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In the media: Innovation in the visualisation of 3D/4D geological models

Published: 21 January 2021

Visual3D has enabled us to together come up with ideas for solutions, tools and products which will prove to be game-changers in how we visualise geology in geoscientific exploration, research and education, says Dr Tobias C. Kampmann, Associate Senior Lecturer, Luleå University of Technology

Innovation in visualization of 3D / 4D geological models

The European Commission has identified virtual and augmented reality as a key technology for the digitalisation of society and the economy to meet various global challenges. The digital and circular transformation is powered by a large variety of metals, for some of which new and innovative exploration methodologies need to be developed.

Innovation in visualization of 3D / 4D geological models

This is where the Visual3D project plays an important role. High-tech visualisation tools will help geoscientists locate ore deposits in the subsurface with greater efficiency and lower lead times and costs.