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"7 month paid internship"

Published: 7 April 2021

Elin Svärd is studying The Master Programme in Civil Engineering at Luleå University of Technology

What is the best thing about studying in Luleå?

I would say that the best thing about studying in Luleå is that everything is very close, you are close to school, close to friends, close to the airport, close to town and close to the campus' own nightclub. It is also a great advantage that most people who study here have moved far from home, which means that everyone is in the same situation and is dependent on meeting new people, which makes it easy to meet new friends and that you get a community with many on school.

What can you get involved in as a student?

At the university, there are many student associations that you can join, everything from theater, music and cooking to after-party rooms and arranging events at the school. If you are interested in working outside the school, there are many different places where you can work extra, among other things, the school has lots of assignments and services that you can work with on the side of your studies.

On campus there is also a good gym that has lots of good workouts and all sorts of activities. You can also get involved in various associations that the gym has, these associations organize training, activities and trips to various popular destinations. Adjacent to the gym there is a football pitch, volleyball court, squash hall, basketball hall and you can go for free to the bathhouse. On their website you can read more,

Why choose to study The Master Programme in Civil Engineering?

The Master Programme in Civil Engineering in Luleå is the only programm in Sweden where you can choose soil and mountains as well as fire as a focus in addition to construction and building, which makes the education unique. During the education, you also have the opportunity to do a 7-month paid internship, which provides good experiences before working life and possibly a secured ex-job place or workplace after graduation.

Anything else that is good to know about Luleå?

In addition to student life and education, Luleå is a very nice city to live in, there is a lot to do both in summer and in winter. In the summer you can, among other things, go to the beach or take a tour boat out into the archipelago, sit on cozy outdoor cafes or hang out in the southern harbor. In the winter you can skate / walk / cross-country ski on the ice, go slalom (you have to go a little bit though), go snowmobiling, swim ice weak and lots more.

In the center of Luleå there are many good shops and restaurants. There is also a nice library with a view of the northern harbor, where you can sit and study when you need an environmental change.