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Madelaine Jakobsson Photo: Tomas Bergman
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"My working days are very varied now that I am out in production"

Published: 13 April 2021

Name: Madeleine Jacobsson
Program: Master Programme in Civil Engineering
Workplace: Veidekke with the role of trainee engineer

What does a trainee engineer mean?

Being a trainee engineer at Veidekke means that you have a trainee position for two years. During these two years, one must be allowed to test on at least three different roles, where supervisors are a mandatory role. Regarding the other roles, one can wish for what one wants to learn more about. In addition, all trainees are assigned a mentor at the company to discuss thoughts and questions and that trainee meetings with the other trainees are arranged. There are good opportunities to build contact networks and I think the arrangement of being able to test different roles is good because you can create a better idea of what you think is fun and developing.

What did the road there look like?

It started with me deciding that I wanted to study engineering. I did not know which program I wanted to read, but when I realized that there was an opportunity to be involved in designing, building and developing the society of the future, the choice felt obvious. I have worked in construction every summer since I started at the university. In this way, I have met people and built my network of contacts. I went to the LARV fair my second year and visited Veidekke's stand. Thanks to the fact that I had worked in the summer before and been on the same project as people from Veidekke, I got a foothold, which led to a summer job there. However, I completed my six-month internship at Swedavia on the customer side and one summer I tried to work at Skanska on the construction side to get some perspective, which was important to me. I think you should test on different companies and parts of the industry if you get the opportunity. My last summer as a student, I applied to return to Veidekke and then continued to write my dissertation there. It led on to a job which feels fun.

What does a day at work look like for you and what is the best thing about your job?

My working days are very varied now that I am out in production. I sit both in the office and move around on the construction site. The tasks can be anything from planning, making schedules, having meetings with customers or subcontractors, preparing purchases, preparing any part of the production, providing contractors with the right documentation, logistics, participating in inspections and so on. What everything should result in is that those who work in production must have the absolute best conditions to build. That is what we in the site management strive for. In other words, the working days are varied, which is good for me, who can sometimes get restless.

The best thing about my job is the variety, the colleagues and that one gets to be involved in building and developing society. It feels cool I think! What one is involved in producing will remain for many years.

Why did you choose Luleå University of Technology and The Master Programme in Civil Engineering?

Once I had decided on an engineer and an education like The Master Programme in Civil Engineering, I looked around at what different alternatives there were in Sweden. The only thing I knew for sure was that I did not want to study in Stockholm, but wanted to move away from home for real and test my own wings in another city. Why I stuck to Luleå was because they had a specialization in construction that I felt suited what I was interested in, that they had the opportunity to complete a six-month internship and that Luleå is a full 90 km from Stockholm. I really do not regret that I moved away to study. It's one of the best decisions I've made in my life.

Do you have any advice and advice for students on this program?

My tips and advice for students studying road and water construction is to get involved during their studies. I tested on all possible engagements during my time and it gave me a lot both in terms of friends and personal development. Then of course it makes the study time even more fun! There is something for everyone to get involved in. If you do not want to get involved, I think you should at least participate in the various events that the associations at the university organize.

In addition, it is obviously important to feel that what you are studying feels fun and exciting. Does the program not feel right when you start? Replace in such cases. As I said, it is important that it feels good and Luleå University of Technology offers a lot of different programs, although of course I push a little extra for road and water.

I think one should do the six-month internship offered in the program, even if it means six months longer in school. It is perfect to get a break in the middle of the education, get to put some knowledge into reality, build contact networks and test what it is like to work in the industry. It also gives a little extra motivation to finish the studies.
Also take the opportunity to discover the city you live in, there is more than Porsön (where the university is located). I was bad at it in the beginning, but it's really worth exploring Luleå and the surrounding area.

Last but not least; If you get a re-examination, it's not the whole world. Do not panic because you are guaranteed not to be alone. However, be sure to try to take the exams gradually so that they do not pile up.

And you, study time is a great time so really make sure to enjoy! 😊

If you have any questions or thoughts about what it is like to be a student, the program, what you can do later or what it is like to work, you are more than welcome to contact us!