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Meet Karl Svensson from Södertälje

Published: 1 April 2021

Karl Svensson from Södertälje is studying the third year of civil engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

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During his studies, he has been involved in several different associations. Immediately after the start of studies in 2018, he joined the Geosection's afterparty Bunkern. The bunker is one of the many after-party venues that make up the large gathering place in Studenternas Hus. Here, each venue serves its own specialty at a very student-friendly price after the local nightclub STUK has closed. In addition to serving food, Bunkern also organizes various events during the year, including various sittings.

During his third year, Karl also joined the board of the Geosection as vice chairman. The geosection section works to ensure that all its students have the best possible study time, both by focusing on solving any study-related problems and by ensuring community outside the study. In addition, the section helps its students to get in touch with the business community through various lectures and its labor market GARM. To help with the daily work, the Geosection has its after-party venue Bunkern, the sex mastery Repet, which organizes fun events throughout the year, and four program associations that focus on their specific educations.

In addition to his involvement in the Bunker and Geosection, Karl also plays ice hockey in the university team STIL Hockey, which is located in division 2.