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Ramin Karim
Ramin Karim, professor in Operation and Maintenance. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Project manager, editor of a scientific journal

Published: 14 January 2021

Ramin Karim, project manager for the AI Factory Railway project, at Luleå University of Technology, has been appointed temporary editor of the scientific journal Sustainability.
– It is exciting, it is about about sustainability and reliability for maintenance in the railway industry, says Ramin Karim, professor.

AI Factory Railways, AIFR, involves researchers and actors for the industry. The goal is, among other things, to build an AI engine where lots of information from the various participants is collected in order to then be able to achieve advanced information in order to prevent injuries and other things that may be important for efficient train traffic.

– So it fits well that I am the editor of this issue of Sustainability. Uday Kumar and Diego Galar, both professors of maintenance technology at Luleå University of Technology, also participate as assistant editors in the current issue, says Ramin Karim, also a professor of operation and maintenance.

A theme issue

The name of this issue is Sustainable and Trustworthy Operation and Maintenance of Railway Systems, Sustainable and Reliable Operation and Maintenance of Railway Systems.

The scientific articles submitted must have arrived by 30 March. Then a review is made in the usual order, ie a quality review and the current issue of the magazine will be published during the summer.
– Now I want to encourage scientists to submit scientific articles. The magazine has a high impact factor, says Ramin Karim.

Ramin Karim

Ramin Karim, Professor

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