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Daniël Voorwald, Gustav Bergström, Manish Kumar, Martin Arenbro, Kevin Karim och Robin Karim. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Summer job with AI engine in the center

Published: 29 June 2021

Six people have been hired to work on the AI-Factory Railway project, AIFR, during the summer. Most of them are students from different universities. In different ways, they will work with the development of an AI engine.
"It is exciting and fun to work practically with what you read about in theory", says Martin Arenbro, who is studying civil engineering, computer technology.

For the second summer in a row, AI Factory Railway, AIFR, employs people who work with the development of parts within the project.
This summer, six guys have got the job and will work on slightly different assignments. Almost everyone is studying at university, computer technology or operation and maintenance.

Different assignments

As part of AIF, AI Factory Railway, AIFR, is included, where the goal is for the trains to go and arrive on time. In the AIF project, an AI engine will be developed that can, for example, be used by companies in the railway industry when, for example, planning maintenance at the right time. A number of players in the railway industry are included in the project. Another part of the project is AI Factory Mining, where AIFM will contribute to developing the digital transformation of various processes in mines. The goal is autonomous operation and maintenance in the mining industry, primarily for fixed and mobile facilities, such as belt transports and vehicles.

The tasks for the six persons vary.
Gustav Bergström, who has an assignment together with Kevin Karim, says that they look at maintenance data for trains. They will investigate what data, connections and diagnoses the AI engine can provide.
"We will try to find and predict damage to various components and how to plan maintenance before problems arise".
Daniël Voorwald looks, among other things, at the infrastructure for  the railway industry and opportunities with the use of laser scanners.

Interesting work

Robin Karim and Manish Kumar work with VR and AR. With the help of AR, they can visualize data and investigate problems that may arise in connection with it. VR shows a completely virtual version.
Everyone agrees that it is an interesting summer job.
"Here you get to test and be creative. You can not go back to the course book to check the results. It is instructive", says Martin Arenbro.
Kevin Karim also thinks that it is good to be able to do things that will appear in the education.
"It's great fun to see how the work could be in working life. It is very interesting", says Manish Kumar.
Daniël Voorwald thinks it is interesting to develop the technology
"This is the future for maintenance", he says, who is studying a master's in operation and maintenance.

Ramin Karim

Ramin Karim, Professor

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