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Samuel Larsson, fire engineer and business area manager PBL Säkerhetspartner Norden AB Photo: Privat

Meet Samuel Larsson, Fire Protection Engineer

Published: 3 May 2021

Samuel Larsson, fire engineer and business area manager at Säkerhetspartner Norden AB.

What do you do everyday at work?

I get the opportunity to be involved in designing the fire protection in both small and large projects. At the moment I am involved in several projects at Luleå University of Technology, which feels a little extra fun when I myself started my fire engineering course at Luleå University of Technology when the program was relatively new.

The fire engineering profession is exciting as the variety of tasks is very large where one day you can stand on an industry and investigate flammable goods handling, to the next day train property managers to be involved and shape the future society and buildings from a fire perspective.

In my role as business area manager, I am responsible for our consulting services linked to PBL, which mainly includes design and risk assessments in connection with changed / new detailed plans. This means that I am responsible for financial goals, sales and technical development. To help me, I have fantastically committed colleagues who help to refine and develop our products so that we can be competitive.

Why have you chosen to collaborate with the education and why is the education important to you?

The collaboration with Luleå University of Technology feels natural and rewarding where we have the majority of employees who are involved in different types of courses. Our commitment is based on the fact that fire engineers are our main recruitment base, which leads to well-prepared students being a clear advantage for us. We have deliberately placed ourselves close to the campus and from there (the same building as Folktandvården). We see this creates opportunities for a deeper collaboration both with the program and with the students.

Personally, I am a little extra proud that the fire engineering program is in Luleå as it is only available in one other place. It is a good education where the opportunities to get a job are very great.

Does it happen that you employ one of the students you have had contact with through the education?

Already during the study period, we offer trainee employment, which we see is good for both us and the student. We get to know each other and the student gets an insight into what it is like to work as a fire consultant. Often, such a trainee employment has led to the person continuing to work with us after completing studies. On average, we have hired a couple of fire engineers from Luleå University of Technology. Creating contact surfaces already through education and trainee employment is valuable to us.

Do you have any good advice for a future fire protection engineer?

Try working on both the rescue service and the consulting side if you are unsure which choice to make. There are also more types of employers, but consultants and emergency services are the main ones.

What do you think is the most important characteristic when you hire a fire engineer?

That the person has a positive attitude and is driven and curious to further develop their knowledge. Regardless of whether you are the person who loves to be at project meetings or solve technically complicated problems, there is room to work as a fire consultant if you have these qualities.

Do you have any advice for those who are considering studying at Luleå University of Technology?

Search, is my tip! Luleå is a wonderful city and Luleå University of Technology has a lot to offer - good teachers, good educations and many social events.

How coveted is a fire engineer with a degree from Luleå University of Technology in today's industry?

Highly! The labor market is screaming for more fire engineers and from our perspective we see that this will continue in the future. You who choose or study to become a fire engineer will have favorable conditions on the day you graduate.