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Eleni Kapidou from Greece Photo: Privat
Eleni Kapidou from Greece Photo: Privat View original picture , opens in new tab/window

"During my internship I discovered the highly promising field of biotechnology"

Published: 25 February 2022

Eleni Kapidou from Greece, Period of IAESTE internship: May 2021 – February 2022.

After finishing my bachelor studies in Chemistry, I applied for an internship in LTU. Throughout my internship in the Biochemical Process Engineering department, I worked with enzymatic reactions for the modification of natural compounds from a halophyte. These naturally occurring compounds were phenolic acids, which in general exhibit strong biological properties. Therefore, the purpose of my research was the valorisation and the biological enhancement of these compounds through enzymatic trans-esterification reactions. Through this internship I had the opportunity to improve and learn new laboratory skills and develop my academic writing. Working with highly experienced researchers helped me think as a researcher regarding the optimization of experiments and problem solving.

By the time I arrived, I met wonderful people both in the IAESTE LC and in the laboratory who made my experience in Luleå unforgettable. The multicultural group in the lab is very supportive, willing to help you and discuss about their projects, which helped me broaden my knowledge in different aspects of biotechnology, and what’s more, they are the cherry on top of the cake regarding my Luleå experience.

Living in the Swedish Lapland all you can talk about is the extraordinary nature. Living here for 9 months gave me the opportunity to experience from the midnight sun where the night is an infinite sunset to the northern lights which make the cold dark winter looks like a fairytale. The daily life is completely different comparing to what other places offer. Hiking becomes more fascinating in combination with berry picking and aurora hunting. Last but not least, ice skating turns into a routine during the winter months.

During my internship I discovered the highly promising field of biotechnology. I realized how I enjoy working abroad with people from all over the world. Working in the field of research played a decisive role in my thoughts regarding my future career as it is challenging, and it helps develop and discover new things every day. Therefore, now I am applying for Master’s programs in Sweden due to the numerous opportunities in the field of biochemistry and biotechnology that are offered. Not to mention, Sweden offers the ideal working environment as it combines respect between each other, orderliness and of course a lot of FIKAS!