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Master’s thesis on pollutant removal performance of biofilter materials in a Swedish climate

Published: 2 November 2022

Anna Träff has completed her master's studies of Natural Resource Engineering, specializing in Environment and Water, at Luleå University of Technology.

Within the framework of her thesis "Evaluation of pollutant removal performance of stormwater biofilters in a Swedish climate; Comparison of three different filter media designs", she investigated the treatment performance of total and dissolved heavy metals, phosphorus, nitrogen and total suspended matter (TSS) of three stormwater biofilters in Malmö, with different filter section design. The filter material was either sand-based with no submerged zone or with submerged zone, the third type consisting of equal parts of sand-based material and pumice. The results showed good treatment capacity of the stormwater facilities with sand filters, especially for metals and TSS. A positive removal of total phosphorus and total nitrogen was overall displayed in the effluent from the two biofilters. For the biofilter containing a mixture of sand and pumice, the removal capacity was lower for all parameters compared to the other two biofilters.

Godecke Blecken was the supervisor and Maria Viklander was the examiner.