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From geology to mine design

Published: 25 May 2022

In an interdisciplinary workshop, researchers from different research topics and company representatives met to discuss mining from different perspectives. Over 40 people participated online.

First out was Tobias Bauer, a geologist from Luleå University of Technology in the subject of ore geology, who told how the ore, especially in northern Sweden, originated, formed and deformed over millions of years.

"It is always exciting to meet researchers from other but snarlia research topics. We study the same rock and bedrock, but with completely different starting points and perspectives," says Tobias Bauer, who also hopes for collaborations across subject boundaries.

Among the invited lecturers were representatives from Boliden and LKAB, among others. David Saiang, Associate Professor in Mining and Rock Engineering at Luleå University of Technology, concluded with a lecture on alternative mining methods.

"LKAB's mine in Svappavaara is now being investigated for a possible transition from open pit mining to underground mining for environmental reasons. We therefore have a doctoral student who is currently investigating which methods would work best for the ore body in Svappavaara environmentally and financially. A hybrid of different methods can be the result," says David Saiang, who was the initiator of this workshop.

This workshop was arranged by the research group in Mining and Rock Engineering at Luleå University of Technology and was funded by SUN, natural resources for a sustainable social transformation.

David Saiang

David Saiang, Associate Professor

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