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New study programmes with a special focus on sustainability and in close collaboration with industry

Published: 22 February 2022

In autumn 2022, Luleå University of Technology launches three new programmes in technology and engineering and a new bachelor’s programme with specialisation in sustainability. All programmes involve close collaboration with industry, branches and companies already from the first year. Examples are actors within the green transition, in which the University plays a key role for the future skills supply.

“We are very proud to be able to offer these new programmes already in autumn. The students pursuing these programmes will be in the middle of the green transition with direct contact to industries, branches and companies in the forefront. The programs are of importance to the University and our students as well as the companies and our regions,” Birgitta Bergvall-Kåreborn, Vice-Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology, says.

Already from year one, our new students at the Master Programme in Engineering, Sustainable Production, will work visionarily with selected companies in different industries. The students are given the task of developing solutions for future production, something that can provide companies with new, creative perspectives and ideas. It centers around sustainable production for our needs of, among other things, food, healthcare, living, clothing, and communication, and to understand how industrial production affects biological ecosystems, people and society. In the programme, classic engineering subjects and methods are combined with a problem-based learning process, something that provides the students the conditions needed to challenge the existing problems with new solutions, that are socially, economically and ecologically sustainable.

Students in the Master Programme in Water and Environmental Engineering will work with challenges such as water shortage, flooding and pollution of the aquatic environment. The emphasis is on engineering of innovative solutions for our society and environment. Students will gain knowledge and skills that are important when planning, designing and operating long-term sustainable systems for drinking water, wastewater and stormwater. Such systems contribute to a reduced environmental impact, climate-adapted cities and resource recovery. These skills are needed for solving water challenges both in Sweden and internationally. The water sector faces many challenges and there is a large demand for engineers, so the programme has been designed in close cooperation with the Swedish water sector.

Climate Physics Engineering aims to meet the global labor market of the future, where northern Sweden invests heavily in technology for the green transition. It is an education for those who have an interest in natural sciences and a strong will to drive societal change. Already from year one, students study climate challenges and circular systems thinking for modern technological development, in parallel with the basics in mathematics and physics. The education has two specializations, climate and nanoscience with focus on how to conduct research, development and innovation for a climate-neutral society, and climate-smart technology, where the overall goal is to create insight into its necessary infrastructure and how it is implemented in society with people at the center.

The international Bachelor Programme in Mineral Resource Engineering provides the students with tools and methods that ensure their sustainable access to the metals we need, to achieve the green transition, such as lithium for battery production and copper for mobile phone components. Access to minerals and metals is a keystone of the green transition that our world is facing. Meeting the challenges of tomorrow requires an understanding of how the earth works and how minerals and metals are mined and recycled in order to contribute to the sustainable use of our natural resources. The program is given in close collaboration with leading companies in the field, which gives you a unique opportunity to collaborate with the industry.