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Zakarya Hamood Abdulbaqi Ahmed Al-Qadhi Photo: Privat
Zakarya Hamood Abdulbaqi Ahmed Al-Qadhi. Photo: Privat View original picture , opens in new tab/window

"It was a good experience for me"

Published: 28 March 2022

Zakarya Hamood Abdulbaqi Ahmed Al-Qadhi from Turkey, Period of ERASMUS internship: January – March 2022.

The first time I decided to apply for Erasmus, I was looking for an organization to accept me for doing my internship there. I had been accepted by four universities and I was hesitant, about which one I must go to. I decided to come to Luleå Tekniska Universitet.

I had the opportunity to be a part of a lab group working on the evaluation of organosolv lignin particles in the froth flotation process for the recovery of minerals. I had been taught basic methods and analysis that are used in the lab such as Hallimond tube flotation cell, flotation in Outotec flotation cell, sample preparation, sample analysis by handheld XRF gun analyser, zeta potential, measurement, etc.

I am really happy about doing my internship there. It was a good experience for me and an amazing trip at the same time. The internship at LTU has brought me many beneficial experiences for my future professional life.  I met nice people there all of them were helpful and open to another culture literally they are so lovely, especially my supervisor she is incredibly warm, fun, and supportive.

My supervisor is a really nice and kind person I learned from her so many things, I will be always so grateful for her all the time, she kept making me feel independent in the lab. I always remember her words when I make a mistake, she keeps saying that ”okay, okay don’t worry everything is right”.

I really admired the laboratories at Luleå Tekniska Universitet they are incredibly excellent laboratories and provided with all the instruments and machines.