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Johan ville plugga kemi men fastnade för metallurgi
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Johan wanted to study chemistry but got stuck in metallurgy

Published: 5 April 2022

Johan Stenman studied The Master Programme in Sustainable Process and Chemical Engineering with a focus on mineral and metallurgy. Today he works as a research engineer at the metal research institute Swerim.

What advice would you give to someone who is going to choose education?

- Find an education that focuses on something you find interesting, it makes it much easier to get through the entire education. Do not be afraid to try a particular program even if you are unsure if it is exactly right. There are good opportunities to switch to a parallel education if you realize that something else suits you better, especially in the master's degree programs.

What was the best thing about the education?

- For me, it was the close contact with companies, especially during the latter part of the education. You really had to work with projects that were relevant to the companies you could possibly work for. My particular program also had a six-month internship during the fourth year, which provided both invaluable experience and a much-needed break from the regular studies.

Tell us about your path to your education and on to your current job.

- Chemistry and physics were always my favorite subjects, so after high school, a master's degree in engineering felt like a natural continuation. I chose industrial environmental and process technology when I wanted to focus on chemistry. Originally, I had planned to choose the specialization in the chemical industry, but during the training I discovered that it was the courses in metallurgy that caught my interest and made me choose that specialization instead. I did my degree project at Swerim in Luleå and got a job there after my degree.

What career opportunities has the education given you?

- My education has given me a good foundation to stand on, with good opportunities for work, especially in metal and mineral-based industries, which is plentiful here in the northern part of the country.