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Methods for flow measurement in small watercourses

Published: 26 October 2022

Linus Nyström, who studied the Master Programme in Natural Resources Engineering, tested in his master thesis project "Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling for streamflow measurements in subarctic climate" different methods for flow measurement in several small watercourses in Norrbotten.

Among other things, he tested Acoustic Doppler Current Profiling (ADCP), where a small boat measures flow speed at different depths and across the entire width of the watercourse. This method has been used on larger rivers but not in small streams. The performance in different seasons has also not been explored before. Therefore, flow measurements were carried out with ADCP, as well with traditional current meter and tracer dillution on various watercourses on several occasions during the winter and spring. Results from the study showed that the ADCP method was difficult to measure during winter periods, but on the other hand, this method worked well when the flow became a little higher and there was no ice left on the water.

The degree project was carried out in collaboration with SWECO in Kiruna. The supervisor for the work was Ico Broekhuizen and the examiner was Godecke Blecken from Luleå University of Technology.