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Meetings with future employers in 2022

Published: 13 September 2022

After a pandemic break, BAM, the Fire Engineers' Job Fair, was a happy reunion on April 22, 2022. 25 stand spaces with the Rescue Service, companies, authorities and research filled the Ljusgården Room where students could meet employers to mingle, talk about jobs, degree projects and future challenges in the industry.

"I still dare to say that it was a successful event. Talked to several students who almost secured jobs, both summer and degree jobs. Incredibly fun to finally meet the companies again," says Wilma Wacker, Project Manager BAM -22.

The day ended with a banquet in the evening where the students got to meet the companies again but under more relaxed conditions. No CVs, just a smile and lots of laughs to build even more contacts for the future.

"Definitely a well-executed day, from morning to evening. We are very pleased! Several companies that the next day wanted to sign up for the next fair, so the interest is great and we are really looking forward to 2023," says Sebastian Mets Wigenborg, Labor market contact BRINN.

Photo: Sebastian Mets Wigenborg and F Bäckström.