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NU 2022 - now it's time to sign up!

Published: 13 January 2022

Now it's time to sign up for Sweden's largest in teaching and learning in higher education, the NU conference.

The 2022 conference takes place in Stockholm and online June 15-17. The organizing institutions are Stockholm University, the Swedish National Defense College, the Swedish School of Gymnastics and Sports, the Norwegian School of Management and the Royal Academy of Music.

The theme for the 2022 NU conference is "Making learning visible".
With this theme, the conference wants to focus on the continuous learning that takes place in the academy and offer an arena that promotes a challenging and stimulating dialogue about learning from different perspectives. Of course, various aspects of students 'learning are of central interest, but we also want to highlight, for example, university teachers' learning and the organizational learning that takes place at universities and colleges. Questions concerning the ways in which different types of learning in different contexts can be developed and understood have been raised due to the challenges that the covid-19 pandemic brought with it for academic practice.

With the theme “Making learning visible”, we want to highlight the central role of learning in research and practice intended to contribute to higher education pedagogical quality development.