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Uday Kumar
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Rapid digitization of maintenance in the industry

Published: 16 May 2022

The industry is now undergoing a major change when maintenance is planned and registered digitally. The goal is to make the right efforts at the right time to minimize the number of interruptions in production.
“A large part of our research is focused on finding solutions to get there”, says Uday Kumar, professor of operation and maintenance at Luleå University of Technology.

The CMIS project, Center for Maintenance and Industrial Service, at Luleå University of Technology is currently conducting a seminar series, where various aspects of the project are addressed.
The project works with activities that promote collaboration between academia and industry.
"We will conduct research activities and work with education of various kinds that deals with maintenance in industry and the dissemination of knowledge. Part of the latter is to hold webinars where we make various presentations about what is going on", says Ramin Karim, Operational Manager and Professor of Operation and Maintenance.

Rapid change

The webinar "Transformative maintenance technology and business solutions for industrial assets" was presented by Uday Kumar, Professor of Operations and Maintenance, who was present when CMIS started 15 years ago. The digital seminar was attended by over 60 people.
Uday Kumar went through ongoing research in the field of operation and maintenance at Luleå University of Technology today.
He noted that the industry's work on maintenance is changing rapidly.
“There is an increasing trend towards digitized registration of equipment, measures and factors that may affect the need for maintenance.”

Exciting period

A large part of the research that takes place in the subject of operation and maintenance is focused on digitization, such as the use of AI, VR and other digital tools.
"There are a lot of opportunities and challenges now when there is a change in the industry, as maintenance planning, work processes and maintenance processes are digitized."
It is an exciting period right now, states Uday Kumar.
"And it's an exciting job. The research group in the project is working to develop the future technology for maintenance. The change is intense and rapid. We try to visualize what the future will look like and work with industrial AI, among other things", says Uday Kumar.

It is about such things as technology, optimization of logistics, resource planning and environmental aspects.
"We want to be able to predict when maintenance is required and systematize it in order to be able to extend the life of the equipment."

Important transformation journey

The research group is investigating how the service life of parts and equipment can be extended, if it is possible to quantify maintenance in relation to energy consumption and sustainability.
"The transformation of the work with maintenance is needed for us to be able to streamline, reduce the number of unplanned interruptions and minimize maintenance costs."
This means, among other things, optimizing the resources used.
"A proactive maintenance strategy and a roadmap for maintenance technology are needed."
Uday Kumar believes that the important thing now is the journey of transformation, that the industry understands the need for digitalisation.

"It is about understanding the meaning of using digital models as part of the overall business model."

Builds digital platform

The research group at the university is building a digital platform where physical objects are registered, actually copied, to ultimately be in an automatic data flow in an AI engine.
"Based on that, you can see effects under certain conditions such as weather, maintenance history and previous problems. It is then possible to digitally visualize, simulate and then optimize to get advice and recommendations for optimal maintenance", says Uday Kumar.

Operational Manager

Ramin Karim

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