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"It was very useful to see how to actually build on site"

Published: 12 March 2021

Name: Ebba Eneris
Program: Master Programme in Architectural Engineering

What specialization are you studying and in what year?

I am studying specialization in House Construction and am in my 5th year.

Which company did you do your internship with and what did you get to do during this time?

Between the 3rd and the 4th, I did an internship at IN3PRENÖR, a construction company focused on commercial projects in Stockholm and Uppsala. I lived at home with my parents in Huddinge during this time, about 7 months.

During the first part of the internship, I worked on a project in its final stages, where a large nursing home was to be rebuilt and extended. Then, at first, I had to go on protection and environmental rounds, write meeting minutes and hang out with the other supervisors on site. Towards the end, I also worked with inspections, operation and maintenance documentation, etc. Then I ended up on a newly started project, a rebuilding and extension of a school. There I had to work with larger purchases of roof and facade elements, elevators and the like.

How did you get your internship? Do you have any special tips on how to proceed?

I contacted IN3PRENÖR after they had had a lunch lecture here at Luleå University of Technology that many friends talked a lot about. Soon after, the practice was over. I found it difficult to know which companies I could apply to, especially since I did not know exactly what I wanted to work with. But my tip is to apply as much as possible. Do not be afraid to throw away an email or call even if many companies use standard forms for internship applicants!

What did you learn during the work?

It was very useful to see how to actually build on site, even though I know now that I want to work with design in the future. Meeting different people and being responsible for something was rewarding and developed me a lot as a person. In addition, it was good to find out how all parties in the construction process are connected and what consequences can arise from poor communication.

Is there anything special you take with you to your further studies and working life?

Now I'm in my last six months here in Luleå, but after the internship I had a good idea of what I wanted to study for extra and elective courses. Those who do not do an internship read their elective 30HP during the autumn term, when I had an internship, but I thought it was very valuable to have done the internship before. Then I knew what to focus on. Regarding working life, I think it is good to get a foothold in the industry. I take with me that all experiences are valuable!

Do you have any advice for students who are going to do an internship?

Do not be afraid to apply, and do not lose heart if some companies do not really understand what the half-year internship is about (for example, some companies are surprised that we should actually have a salary). Remember to pitch yourself in a way that companies can benefit from, even if the idea is of course that you should learn on the spot.

How do you see that our program has an internship?

It is super good and something that is unique to us as civil engineers! It is an excellent opportunity for each student to explore what they want to work on after graduation.

Do you think that what you have learned so far during your studies prepared you well for the internship?

Both yes and no. Working in construction production is not something we Arkare learn about specifically, but I feel that problem-solving ability and the desire to learn new things is something all future civil engineers should have. For me, one purpose of practice is to learn things that cannot be learned in school.

Do you recommend others to do internships?

Absolutely! It is a very rewarding experience that can have many positive consequences. If you are lucky, maybe you can do a dissertation and then become a permanent employee where you did your internship. Regardless, you will in any case get a good work experience relevant to your education.