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Filip Simán, Luleå University of Technology Photo: Linda Alfredsson
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Filip Simán combines AI and ore geology

Published: 12 October 2020

Filip Simán, a student at Luleå University of Technology, combines ore geology with AI. – I believe that AI will fundamentally change the way people work within all disciplines, says Filip Simán.

Filip Simán is originally from Gothenburg and is now in his final stages of the Master Programme in Natural Resources Engineering. In his master thesis, he combines AI and ore geology and tries to answer the question how do you know you know?

– Much of geology is based on classifying rocks. I realized quite early on that there is a degree of subjectivity in this matter – different geologists make different assessments. It made me wonder how do we know we know ? Against this background, I realized that AI and computer science had many of the answers to how to objectively classify rocks.

Filip Simán's master thesis thus moves within two disciplines.

– Interdisciplinary work has given me great respect for other areas of competence. I have also learned how to communicate concepts with colleagues in computer science, concepts that are taken for granted in ore geology.

Why is AI interesting and relevant?

– I believe that AI will fundamentally change the way people work and in all disciplines. And with ever more powerful computers, AI is also becoming more relevant. But I also see a risk, a form of "AI hype". We need to be more careful about the suitability of using AI and know if it is reliable, says Filip Simán.

– I would really recommend all engineers to take a course in AI. AI can change your view of the world in a very fundamental way.

What is it like to study at Luleå University of Technology?

– It has been incredibly cool, not least for the mountains near by but also because of the other students who come here. I think it's so fun that students from all over the country come here and many of them are looking for new friends. I have gotten to know people I would never have met if I had not moved to Luleå.