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"I can say the whole experience was very pleasant"

Publicerad: 22 november 2021

Ayanne De Oliveira Maciel from Brazil, Period of IAESTE internship: October 2019 - April 2021.

I worked as IAESTE intern in LTU for almost one and half year and it was a very interesting experience. Before coming to Sweden, I was coordinating engineering projects in Brazil, so becoming again an intern after almost 8 years of completing my engineer degree was something unique. I was looking for an opportunity to transit from the industry to academia, so the internship could provide me a great opportunity to learn several techniques in research. Furthermore, after finishing the intern program, I could apply for a PhD position in the same department and now I am pursuing my doctorate studies in CO2 capture. The work environment in LTU is full of young and helpful colleagues, what made my experience smoother.

In my free time, I could enjoy a bit of attractive of the northern part of Sweden. Luleå is a very pleasant place, where weather extremes happen - and this is exactly why is so distinctive. If the cold and snow are present for a long time over the year, the sun is infinite during the summer. The Lapland region has a lot of beautiful landscapes and people are very sympathetic. It us fun to say, but I strongly recommend trying the outdoor lifestyle Swedes do – from the hiking trails to the ice skating and Nordic skiing in the middle of the sea.

Finally, I can say the whole experience was very pleasant and one of the most different I did in my life: I recommend very much for the ones who are not afraid of something completely new.