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"The people working in the lab are another gem stone embellishing the Luleå experience"

Publicerad: 17 november 2021

Kalliopi Elli Pavlopoulou from Greece, Period of ERASMUS: July – September 2021.

My decision to visit Luleå as an intern was one of the best I ever made! I took part in a mineral processing project, a subject that I didn’t have any knowledge on before this summer. Finishing my internship, I must admit I gained a lot of knowing not only in minerals, but in the whole treating process of residual forest biomass, from the first stages of organosolv process up to producing nanoparticles from the isolated lignin. It was a very interesting journey and a unique opportunity to see up close procedures that we learn only theoretically in courses or read in articles for projects.

The people working in the lab are another gem stone embellishing the Luleå experience. Friendly, supportive, willing to help you or share with you their own knowledge and projects, cooking mouthwatering cakes all the time for fika, are just some of their qualities! The genuine will that they have for you to be part of the experiments, to help you learn things, to be safe and sound – both physically and mentally - makes the working environment irreplaceable. Having the feeling of being a valued member of this lab community would be a definite reason to go back!

I think that if you visit Luleå, you can talk only for ever about the nature. The scenery, whatever time of the year you choose to go, is magical and unique! It grows on you, and you can never be the same person again. Waking up to the view of tall spruce trees, biking to the university, in the weekends hiking and picking up berries, barbequing next to the beach or inside the forest are only some of the simple everyday things you can find yourself doing. Once you experience such an environment, you can never really recover from being far away from it, or living again in a big city.

Luleå is so difficult to compete: breathtaking nature and extraordinary people! If you have the opportunity to go, do not hesitate even for a millisecond!