Linda Sandstrom receiving the award by HM King Carl XVI Gustaf. Photographer: Clas Göran Carlsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Price from The King Carl XVI Gustaf´s 50th Anniversary Fund

Published: 31 May 2013

It is Linda Sandström, Technical Doctor at the division of Sustainable Process Engineering, at Luleå University of Technology, who has received the favorable price.

Linda Sandstrom received 85 000 SEK from theFoundation of King Carl XVI Gustaf´s 50th Anniversary Fund for Science, Technology and Environment, whose purpose is to promote research, technological development and entrepreneurship, which contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources and the conservation of biological diversity.

- This is just great, says Linda, who is on maternity leave at the moment but who took the time to travel to Stockholm to participated in the Prize Ceremony.

The scholarship must be used for Linda Sandström's skills through an initial postdoctoral stay at one of the most prominent groups in membrane research.

From the nomination:

To reduce the environmental impact and energy use are global challenges facing humanity. Linda Sandström´s research is a contribution to reduce both energy consumption and environmental impact, and is about how biofuel production can be streamlined through the use of zeolite membranes for gas purification. A large part of the cost and energy use in the production of biofuels is the actual gas cleaning such as separation of carbon dioxide from synthesis gas.

Through her hard and dedicated work, the research group made the move from experiments at low pressure and pure gases, industrial conditions and gas mixtures. She has designed a new screening devices for the first time admitted test of the membranes at high pressure for separation of carbon dioxide from synthesis gas generated by Chemrec carburetor in Piteå. She conducted this work very successfully, which required a large measure of both innovation and creativity.

The results, published in the Journal of Membrane Science 2011 has attracted much international attention as the flow of carbon dioxide through the membrane is extremely loud, with a good margin the world record for zeolite membranes. At the same time the membrane selectivity that is slightly higher than the highest reported selectivities for similar membranes, which give hope that these results could be the breakthrough needed to zeolitmembranen to become commercially viable for gas separations. Linda Sandström is therefore working right now with great zeal to scale up the membranes which hopefully will lead to the commercialization of the membranes in the not too distant future. Linda Sandström also helps to increase the interest in biofuels production in undergraduate students through research-related project work and lectures.

She is a very popular teacher among students and a very good teacher. She is a brilliant scientific talent, a good teacher and a very valued employee of the institution.