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Blog from Brazil about Fire Protection

Blog: A fire Protection Engineer in Brazil

Published: 7 May 2012

I feel I have a good foundation with the knowledge that my studies at LTU given me, but it is obviously at work that most people learn the trade.

There is a knowledge gap in terms of steel structures resistance to fire and its regulations, mainly in the local community and its regulators, but also in the consulting side, there is ample potential for development of this knowledge, why I think that this focus of LTU is very timely.

    I'm from the end of June on leave
        to seek new opportunities in Brazil
                where I will be writing a blog

I have since January 2009 been working at Rescue Service Dalarna. My duties consisted mostly of public authority in the form of permit applications for flammable and explosive materials and supervision under the Prevention of Accidents. A great deal of time has been put into the jacking of the municipal urban planning office in matters of fire protection in the construction process and risk into account in detail planning issues. In addition, I had an operational role as Fire chief on call.

Lars Lundgren
Lars Lundgren


I'm from the end of June of absence to seek new opportunities in Brazil, where I will write a blog, telling about the differences and similarities in relation to Sweden related to fire safety and safety culture that I come across.