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UNESCO, Iraq and LTU in cooperation

Published: 3 February 2012

In recent weeks, some 30 Iraqis are trained at Lulea university of Technology. But -29 C might be just as memorable as their education.

The need for contacts with the outside world is great for teachers and staff at universities in Iraq. UNESCO has a special focus on Iraq as a "post-conflict country." A special focus is the field of education including universities. It supports contacts between universities in Iraq and elsewhere.

The contacts that already exist between Iraq and LTU has attracted attention and contributed to a continuing education course has been organized at LTU for staff at universities in Iraq. The course is financed by UNESCO and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research in Iraq. The course followed by 27 participants.

Additional courses are planned and already in a queue for an additional 30 people. Despite the slightly different climate, all participants are enthusiastic about the opportunity to get to another exotic environment as the LTU can provide mid-winter. To see how teaching and research conducted at LTU is an important experience and a lot of what you see will be used in the respective home university.

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Ministry of Higher Education and Research in Iraq