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Geographical Information Technology, GIT

Published: 17 November 2011

Geographic Information Technology (GIT) is an applied technical subject, in which the methods for collecting, storing, processing, distribution and presentation of location-related information is studied. Courses are given in the areas of data collection, analysis and presentation tools, database technology and systems development. For teaching and research are used including software from Microsoft, Oracle and ESRI.

General Information for distance students

This material may be you who has been accepted to one of our courses.

Here's how our portal is structured and how it looks and how to access programs, access to course materials and personal documents. To gain access to applications and documents a Citrix client must be installed.

Information about courses

Below is information on the courses taught in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The courses are normally given in the study periods, but all courses can be read at any time of year.

As a student with us, you can then start your course whenever you want. Our courses are made up of self-study and can be read entirely on distance, ie, no assembly required. Most courses consist of a number of assignments submitted during the course.

ArcGIS Pro, L0021B

Geographic Information Technology - L0020B

Introduction to Programming and C # - L0002B

Databases, an introduction - L0003B

ArcGIS - L0005B

C # and Windows-based application development - L0006B

Cartographic Visualization - L0008B

Geographical analysis - L0010B

Mapping Applications on the Internet with open source - L0019B