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Grantees Victoria Bonath and Jonny Nilimaa flanking donor Sven Thysell. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Sven Thysell scholarship awards

Published: 17 September 2012

In conjunction with his 96th birthday on September 2 Sven Thysell shared grants for Structural Engineering technology research at Luleå University of Technology.

The two graduate students Victoria Bonath   and Jonny Nilimaa each get 30 000 SEK.

Victoria Bonath   studying ice and measures the properties and what happens when the ramparts of ice formed. Jonny Nilimaa reinforcing bridges and has the summer been to drill horizontal holes through the tray plate into a railway bridge in Haparanda. Then a rod introduced into each hole and tensioned up to the plate as a counter. In this way, positive pressure forces introduced into the plate, whereupon it may take greater flexural and shear stresses.

Sven Thysell delar ut stipendier 2012 a.jpg
In the front row flanked donor Sven Thysell of this years fellows Victoria Bonath and Jonny Nilimaa. In the back row are last year's fellows, Jan-Erik Jonasson and Peter Fjellström along with members of the Fund Committee Lennart Elfgren, Eric Sundstrom, Jan-Erik Hallkvist, Martin Nilsson and Mats Emborg.

Professor Vladimir Ronin   receive SEK 150 000 for further studies of leaks in energy-modified concrete.

Peter Fjällström and Jan-Erik Jonasson spoke about how they used the scholarships they received last year for modeling concrete properties.