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Unique lab was inaugurated

Published: 20 April 2018

The inauguration of Luleå University of Technology's MCE Laboratory was well attended. MCE stands for Mining and Civil Engineering Lab and Housing and The Minister for Housing and Digital Development Peter Eriksson was invited as a guest of honor.

Peter Eriksson told us about a study visit that had impressed him at Lindbäck's bygg in Piteå.

- Their use of robots in their factory environment was innovative and I know that you at Luleå University of Technology have been very involved in their success, said Minister Peter Eriksson.

The construction-related testing in Sweden is increasingly advanced and equipment-intensive. Construction companies need to do tests on a larger scale and with more complex structures. Research on new and improved materials, among other things, in order to increase sustainability in the built society, increasingly requires advanced testing on a small scale.

"Today we presented a renewed lab for construction and infrastructure - an experimental environment for arctic conditions. The lab also has a new ownership structure which will open up new opportunities", says Mats Emborg, professor in Structural and Engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

The laboratory that has been updated has been the hub of successful research and education at Luleå University of Technology for more than 40 years. Here the concrete to Sweden's longest bridge, the 7.8 km long Öresund bridge was developed, here normal size railway bridges and the strength in the world's largest dams were tested indirectly. The lab hosts researchers, doctoral students and students in different lab projects at a daily basis.

"The development of the lab does not stop now. Soon advanced stress path triaxial tests as well as a geotechnical centrifuge will be added.," says Jan Laue, professor and subject representative of geotechnical engineering at Luleå University of Technology.

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