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Inauguration of the VR Studio

Published: 16 March 2017

Today the inauguration of the Virtual Reality Lab at Luleå University of Technology took place with a demonstration for press and industry. The VR studio will be a powerful tool for visualizations and presentations and will be used by both researchers and students.

"The VR studio gives researchers and students the opportunity to conduct studies of the function and activity in realistic virtual environments, as in the current situation is difficult to simulate or safely achieve in reality. Interactive features and 3D technology makes it possible to plan and control various events in the mining, urban development and construction", says professor Gustav Jansson, one of those responsible for planning the studio building.

In the mining research the VR technology can help visualize the ore bodies and show where it´s most appropriate to place new boreholes. For exploration this technology can enhance the understanding of where new ore bodies can be found.

The Virtual Reality Lab will be used in the The EU initiative for Sustainable Intelligent Mining Systems, SIMS, a three year project that will begin in 2017. SIMS has a total budget of 168 million SEK, with most of the funding coming from Horizon 2020, EU:s biggest research and innovation programme.

The VR studio is financed with funds from SIP STRIM / Vinnova, The Kempe Foundations and Luleå University Lab Fund. The VR studio will be rented by external actors for VR applications, workshops, meetings and presentations.

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Tobias Bauer

Bauer, Tobias - Associate Professor

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Gustav Jansson

Jansson, Gustav - Associate Professor

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