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Ali Basiri, Luleå University of Technology 2020 Photo: Richard Renberg
Thesis project: Interactive visualization

Meet Ali Basiri who is conducting his last semester at the Master Programme in Architectural Engineering with a particular focus on Building Design.

Degree project: Playful digitization of the architect's design process

Daniel Runebjörk is an architect and engineer at Tyréns. He recreates reality digitally through drone photography which, together with VR equipment, can be used in the architect's design process.

Civilingenjör Arkitektur vid Luleå tekniska universitet. Utvecklingsprojekt 2019
Flexible housing concept with parametric design and construction

Master Programme in Architectural Engineering at Luleå University of Technology. Development project 2019


GEMA0221 is a result of the Attract project, where visualization of social transformation was mixed with the ore bodies in the mine.

Tallen Piteå
Tallen Project, Piteå

Program action using VR technology for Piteå Municipality for the Tallen neighborhood. Suggestions for building projects are also shown in the program.

VR for a better society

When Hampus Hugoson visited his parents' home where he lived for 19 years, he noticed something he had never thought of before. None of the houses in the area had the entrance door at ground level, it was stairs up to each house. This realization changed direction of Hampus thesis on VR technology.

Development Project Construction 2016

Hampus Hugosson Civilingenjör Arkitektur