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Laboratories and Equipment

There are several labs with advanced equipment at The Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering:

  • Architecture Lab
  • CBM Lab - A railway lab with mini train and rails for condition based maintenance
  • Computer labs and studios for students
  • Anechoic chamber - lab for measurement and listening test in which it has no acoustic impact of the room
  • eMaintenance Lab
  • Sound quality Studio - Studio to create and evaluate such audio products
  • Equipment in the lab-and bench-scale studies of hydro-and pyro-metallurgical reaction processes, kinetics and equilibrium conditions.
  • High-resolution scanning electron microscopy for the analysis of nanoparticles and porous structures, like for example zeolitmembran.
  • Equipment for the analysis of interfaces between phases at the molecular level, like for example. spaces between mineral particles and water, tribological surfaces and wooden surfaces.
  • Bioprocesslab - bioreactors for microbial production of chemicals, materials and fuel, as well as analysis and separation equipment
  • Equipment for particle analysis: chemical composition, the measurement of particle size distribution, particle density, specific surface area (BET), contact angle, surface tension, zeta-potential
  • Facilities in particle technology and physical separation methods: decomposition, particle size, density separation, separation of electric and magnetic fields, flotation
  • MCE Lab - mechanical testing of steel, wood and concrete, rock mechanical testing, geotechnical testing, measurement of the field, analysis and investigation
  • Environmental Laboratory, whose research is largely done through experiments in lab and field

Drone for geology

Environmental monitoring, detecting fractures in open-pit mines, and gathering crucial information about how ore deposits form. Luleå University of Technology

Photo: Melina Granberg

Geotechnical testing


Railway switch

Photo: Richard Renberg

Thysell Laboratory - Concrete testing

Concrete testing Photo: Richard Renberg

Virtual Reality Lab

Used in areas such as in construction, architecture, ore geology, mining and rock engineering.

Virtual Reality Lab - Lulea University of Technology Photo: Gustav Jansson