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SBN Forskarskola - Postgraduate Studies CENE

Welcome to a high-class research environment

Doctoral studies, or third cycle studies (TCS), usually take four to five year to render a Doctoral thesis and a PhD degree. The studies are individually conducted by the student in close collaboration with a principal supervisor and at least one assistant supervisor and the success depends largely on the student.

During the studies, the student has to attain knowledge and skills by (among others) the active participation in and successful completion of courses and by conducting own research, both individually and in collaboration with other researchers. For both courses and research, each research subject at LTU has formulated a syllabus, which determines the TCS framework based on the Swedish Higher Educational Ordinance (HEO). Learning goals explicitly mentioned in the HEO are interpreted and implemented in the individual study plan (ISP) of the student.

The dependency on the involved individuals on each other, the balance between course and research work, and the uncertainties of the success of a research project result in a number of risks. However, the risk of failure is minimized if the student is well prepared, equipped with appropriate knowledge and relevant tools to conduct the studies. Working focussed and with correct tools and methods right from the start, is essential to achieve the goals of the studies on time.

Apart from the dialogue with the supervisor(s), exchanging experience with other PhD students is an important means to understand how things work, to discuss all types of questions and to avoid pitfalls. The school will help to become connected with other PhD students at CENE department that are on the same level.

The introduction school aims at providing admitted PhD students with important knowledge, methods and tools to succeed in third cycle study.