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Publicerad: 19 november 2012



A Novel Deep Learning Approach to Predict Air Quality Index (2021)

Hossain. E, Shariff. M, Hossain. M, Andersson. K
Ingår i: Proceedings of International Conference on Trends in Computational and Cognitive Engineering, Proceedings of TCCE 2020, s. 367-381, Springer, 2021
Artikel i tidskrift

Game technologies to assist learning of communication skills in dialogic settings for persons with aphasia (2021)

Backman. Y, Gardelli. V, Parnes. P
International Journal, nr. 03
Artikel i tidskrift

Latency performance modeling and analysis for hyperledger fabric blockchain network (2021)

Xu. X, Sun. G, Luo. L, Cao. H, Yu. H, Vasilakos. A
Information Processing & Management, Vol. 58, nr. 1
Artikel i tidskrift

Privacy and Security Issues in Deep Learning (2021)

A Survey
Liu. X, Xie. L, Wang. Y, Zou. J, Xiong. J, Ying. Z, et al.
IEEE Access, Vol. 9, s. 4566-4593
Artikel, forskningsöversikt

Scientific production and thematic breakthroughs in smart learning environments (2021)

a bibliometric analysis
Agbo. F, Oyelere. S, Suhonen. J, Tukiainen. M
Ingår i: Smart Learning Environments

A Blockchain-based Approach for Assessing Compliance with SLA-guaranteed IoT Services (2020)

Alzubaidi. A, Mitra. K, Patel. P, Solaiman. E
Ingår i: Proceedings, 2020 IEEE International Conference on Smart Internet of Things, s. 213-230, IEEE, 2020