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Publications Computer Science

Published: 19 November 2012


Article in journal

Design of secure key management and user authentication scheme for fog computing services (2019)

Wazid. M, Kumar Das. A, Kumar. N, Vasilakos. A
Future generations computer systems, ISSN: 0167-739X, Vol. 91, s. 475-492
Article in journal

Energy-efficient and traffic-aware service function chaining orchestration in multi-domain networks (2019)

Sun. G, Li. Y, Yu. H, Vasilakos. A, Du. X, Guizani. M
Future generations computer systems, ISSN: 0167-739X, Vol. 91, s. 347-360
Article in journal

A Belief Rule Based Expert System to Predict Earthquake under Uncertainty (2018)

Hossain. M, Al Hasan. A, Guha. S, Andersson. K
Journal of Wireless Mobile Networks, Ubiquitous Computing, and Dependable Applications, ISSN: 2093-5374, Vol. 9, nr. 2, s. 26-41
Conference paper

A Belief Rule Based Flood Risk Assessment Expert System using Real Time Sensor Data Streaming (2018)

Monrat. A, Islam. R, Hossain. M, Andersson. K
Part of: Proveedings of the 43nd IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks Workshops (LCN Workshops), IEEE Computer Society, 2018
Article in journal

A Cloud-Based Decision Support System for Self-Healing in Distributed Automation Systems Using Fault Tree Analysis (2018)

Dai. W, Riliskis. L, Wang. P, Vyatkin. V, Guan. X
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, ISSN: 1551-3203, Vol. 14, nr. 3, s. 989-1000
Conference paper

A Domain Knowledge-based Solution for HumanActivity Recognition: the UJA Dataset Analysis (2018)

Karvonen. N
Paper presented at : 12th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient ‪Intelligence UCAmI 2018, (IWAAL & AmIHEALTH included)