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Gradshow attracted big companies

Published: 16 March 2018

Some of the world's largest visual effects and video games companies visited Luleå University of Technology in Skellefteå during this year's Gradshow. The graduates from the computer graphics and computer game development programs presented their projects and got the chance to learn more about the industry.

– Gradshow gives our students the opportunity to create and expand their networks, they also have the opportunity to showcase their skills in their own classrooms and not mix with thousands of other job seekers who usually attend trade fairs, says Arash Källmark, university lecturer and head educator for the computer graphics programme.
He believes that the aim to always be relevant is one of the reasons why companies stands in line to visit Gradshow.

– The quality and profile of our education is what attracts the industry, and of course, it is because the industry has hired many of our former students for many years now and knows how we work with the programs and train students. We also work with several of the companies here to keep the education relevant.

This year's Gradshow attracted several of the industry's leading companies and some of them had gone all the way from London just to meet with the university's students. Among the visiting companies were, for example, The Mill, Dice, Swiss and Avalanche Studios. Companies that have participated in a variety of big films and advertising campaigns.

Has relevant artistic and technical skills

In addition to attending various workshops, students also got tips on how to be succesful in the industry: make a good portfolio and a good resume, be prepared to work hard and above all - show your personality and be passionate about what you do.
Arash Källmark states that students in computer graphics and computer game development have a head start.

– Our students have relevant artistic and technical skills in the field of image creation and can quickly get into a production context. Already during the training we work together with other professional roles, which makesit easy for our students to work in groups. The students at the media education in Skellefteå are also trained to work with all kinds of camera creation, and not just movies or games.

Photo: Erica Lång
Photo: Erica Lång


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