Fredrik Häggström
Fredrik Häggström, awarded for his innovation HomePower. Photo: Linda Alfredsson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Innovation for smarter electricity

Published: 24 June 2014

Fredrik Häggström, PhD student at EISLAB and SKF LTU Technology Centre, has been awarded Bygginnovationens Lilla pris for his innovation HomePower. Through Home Power, it gets easier for small producers of renewable energy to access the electricity market.

The idea was born when a friend of Fredrik Häggström wanted to build a wind turbine. Between the power source and the powerline, a solution needs to convert the energy to AC voltage.

– If you want to produce your own electricity with a wind turbine or solar cells, there are commercial solutions that make it possible for you to get your surplus energy to the electricity grid, says Fredrik Häggström.

– But none of today's solutions manage security issues surrounding the maintenance of the network or problem that arises when the majority in a region produces their own electricity. Additionally, there is a need to dynamically regulate micro producers' production and consumption of electricity in order to increase profits, and the need to balance the grid by actively regulate so that the supply of electricity matches demand.

Every house a stock exchange robot

Through simulation, Fredrik Häggström has developed a system that can do just that. The energy can be distributed dynamically to the grid so the individual electricity producer can maximize its profits, each house becomes its own stock exchange robot, as Fredrik Häggström puts it. Additionally, the network owner gain control of micro producers which facilitates such as maintenance and service of the network.