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A delay‐rational model of electromagnetic interference on multiconductor transmission lines (2018)

Biello. E, Antonini. G, De Lauretis. M, Ekman. J
International journal of numerical modelling, ISSN: 0894-3370, Vol. 31, nr. 4
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A haptic navigation aid for individuals with visual impairments (2018)

Indoor and outdoor feasibility evaluations of the LaserNavigator
Röijezon. U, Prellwitz. M, Innala Ahlmark. D, van Deventer. J, Nikolakopoulos. G, Hyyppä. K
Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, ISSN: 0145-482X

A Low Cost Omnidirectional Relative Localization Sensor for Swarm Applications (2018)

Kohlbacher. A, Eliasson. J, Acres. K, Chung. H, Barca. J
Ingår i: IEEE 4th World Forum on Internet of Things, s. 694-699, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018

An AAA Solution for Securing Industrial IoT Devices using Next Generation Access Control (2018)

Kolluru. K, Paniagua. C, van Deventer. J, Eliasson. J, Delsing. J, DeLong. R
Paper presented at : 1st IEEE International Conference on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems (ICPS-2018)
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Extracting the Magnetic Properties of Blast Furnace Cokes (2018)

Renbi. A, Johansson. J
IET Science, Measurement & Technology, ISSN: 1751-8822
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Migration of industrial process control systems to service-oriented architectures (2018)

Carlsson. O, Delsing. J, Arrigucci. F, Colombo. A, Bangemann. T, Nappey. P
International journal of computer integrated manufacturing (Print), ISSN: 0951-192X, Vol. 31, nr. 2, s. 175-198
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On the Distortionless Propagation in Multiconductor Transmission Lines (2018)

Lombardi. L, Antonini. G, De Lauretis. M, Jonas. E
IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology, ISSN: 2156-3950, Vol. 8, nr. 4, s. 538-545

On the passivity of the Delay-Rational Green’s-function-based model for Transmission Lines (2018)

Antonini. G, De Lauretis. M, Ekman. J, Miroshnikova. E
Ingår i: Trends in Mathematics, Research Perspectives, 2018
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Partial Element Equivalent Circuit Models of Three-Dimensional Geometries Including Anisotropic Dielectrics (2018)

Hartman. A, Romano. D, Antonini. G, Ekman. J
IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility (Print), ISSN: 0018-9375, Vol. 60, nr. 3, s. 696-704
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Robust energy management for IoT machine elements (2018)

Häggström. F