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A Comprehensive Survey of Depth Completion Approaches (2022)

Khan. M, Nazir. D, Pagani. A, Mokayed. H, Liwicki. M, Stricker. D, et al.
Ingår i: Sensors
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A contrast enhancement framework under uncontrolled environments based on just noticeable difference (2022)

Hum. Y, Tee. Y, Yap. W, Mokayed. H, Tan. T, Salim. M, et al.
Signal processing. Image communication, Vol. 103

A Fully Additive Approach for the Fabrication of Split-Ring Resonator Metasurfaces (2022)

Imani. R, Chouhan. S, Delsing. J, Acharya. S
Ingår i: Proceedings: IEEE 72nd Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC 2022), s. 1834-1840, IEEE, 2022

A multi-attribute auctioning system for the circular economy with Ricardian contracts (2022)

Chiquito. E, Ulf. B, Synnes. K
Paper presented at : 2022 INDIN – 20th IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics
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A SOA-Based Engineering Process Model for the Life Cycle Management of System-of-Systems in Industry 4.0 (2022)

Urgese. G, Azzoni. P, van Deventer. J, Delsing. J, Macii. A, Macii. E
Applied Sciences, Vol. 12, nr. 15
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A survey of historical document image datasets (2022)

Nikolaidou. K, Seuret. M, Mokayed. H, Liwicki. M
International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition, Vol. 25, nr. 4, s. 305-338
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Acoustic optimization of a flow through sonicator for fibrillation of cellulose fibers (2022)

Pamidi. T, Johansson. Ö, Löfqvist. T
Chemical Engineering and Processing
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Attention-Guided Disentangled Feature Aggregation for Video Object Detection (2022)

Muralidhara. S, Hashmi. K, Pagani. A, Liwicki. M, Stricker. D, Afzal. M
Sensors, Vol. 22, nr. 21

Automated usage control for secure data sharing based on Ricardian contracts (2022)

Chiquito. E, Bodin. U, Synnes. K, Chiquito. A
Paper presented at : 48th Annual Conference of the Industrial Electronics Society IECON 2022 Conference