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Article in journal

3D word spotting using leap motion sensor (2021)

Roy. P, Kumar. P, Patidar. S, Saini. R
Multimedia tools and applications, Vol. 80, nr. 8, s. 11671-11689
Conference paper

A Blended Attention-CTC Network Architecture for Amharic Text-image Recognition (2021)

Belay. B, Habtegebrial. T, Liwicki. M, Belay. G, Stricker. D
Part of: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM), s. 435-441, SciTePress, 2021
Conference paper

A digital platform for cross-sector collaborative value networks in the circular economy (2021)

Soldatos. J, Kefalakis. N, Despotopoulou. A, Bodin. U, Musumeci. A, Scandura. A, et al.
Part of: 10th CIRP Sponsored Conference on Digital Enterprise Technologies (DET 2020) – Digital Technologies as Enablers of Industrial Competitiveness and Sustainability, s. 64-69, Elsevier, 2021
Article in journal

A New DCT-PCM Method for License Plate Number Detection in Drone Images (2021)

Mokayed. H, Shivakumara. P, Hock Woon. H, Kankanhalli. M, Lu. T, Pal. U
Pattern Recognition Letters, Vol. 148, s. 45-53
Article in journal

A reliable, multi-bit error tolerant 11T SRAM memory design for wireless sensor nodes (2021)

Sharma. V, Gupta. N, Shah. A, Vishvakarma. S, Chouhan. S
Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, Vol. 107, nr. 2, s. 339-352
Article in journal

Accurate Calculation of Partial Inductances for the Orthogonal PEEC Formulation (2021)

Kovačević-Badstüebner. I, Romano. D, Lombardi. L, Grossner. U, Ekman. J, Antonini. G
IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility (Print), Vol. 63, nr. 1, s. 82-92
Article in journal

Accurate Computation of Mutual Inductance of Non Coaxial Pancake Coils (2021)

Parise. M, Loreto. F, Romano. D, Antonini. G, Ekman. J
Energies, Vol. 14, nr. 16
Article in journal

Algorithmic performance constraints for wind turbine condition monitoring via convolutional sparse coding with dictionary learning (2021)

Martin-del-Campo. S, Sandin. F, Schnabel. S
Journal of Risk and Reliability, Vol. 235, nr. 4, s. 660-675
Article in journal

Anomaly Detection in Natural Scene Images based on enhanced Fine-Grained Saliency and Fuzzy Logic (2021)

Mokayed. H, Shivakumara. P, Saini. R, Liwicki. M, Chee Hin. L, Pal. U
IEEE Access
Conference paper

Application Agnostic Container Migration and Failover (2021)

Terneborg. M, Karlsson Rönnberg. J, Schelén. O
Part of: Proceedings of the IEEE 46th Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN 2021), s. 565-572, IEEE, 2021
Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Architectures for Automated Contractual Cooperation (2021)

Palm. E
Article in journal

Artificial Neural Network Architecture for Prediction of Contact Mechanical Response (2021)

Kalliorinne. K, Larsson. R, Pérez-Ràfols. F, Liwicki. M, Almqvist. A
Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 6