Eislab-Om oss


Targets research and innovation in the field of networked electronics and embedded system and related applications.

EISLAB constitutes a cornerstone in the LTU strength and innovation area "Intelligent industrial processes". Contributions are also made to "Enabling ICT" and "Smart machines and materials".

The EISLAB Group consist of 15 faculty members, engineering staff and about 25 PhD students. Through extensive industrial cooperations regionally, nationally and internationally we provide core scientific effort to Center of Innovation Excellencies like ProcessIT Innovations and ProcessIT.EU and Innovation systems like ESIS and CASTT.

Through the involvement in ProcessIT.EU, EISLAB has become a strong partner to Artemis, the European embedded system association. We are also a core competence provider to the SKF University Technology Center.

We are responsible for electronics and embedded system education for the B.Sc. and M.Sc programs in Computer Science, Space Engineering and Physics and Electrical Engineering

Our research focus is divided into five areas

The research is supported by extensive lab facilities e.g. EMC lab,flow calibration facility, clean room for electronics production, electronics lab, acoustics and opto-acoustics lab. 

Important achievements has been made related to formal real time software through the Timber language, the MultiPEEC Combined Electromagnetic and Circuit Solver and the field of Internet of Things (IoT),  System of Systems (SoS), and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).