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(3200) Phaethon polarimetry in the negative branch: new evidence for the anhydrous nature of the DESTINY+ target asteroid (2022)

Geem. J, Ishiguro. M, Takahashi. J, Akitaya. H, Kawabata. K, Nakaoka. T, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters, Vol. 516, nr. 1, s. L53-L57
Doktorsavhandling, sammanläggning

A planetary chamber to investigate the thermal and water cycle on Mars (2022)

Vakkada Ramachandran. A
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A Simple Way of Simulating Insolation on a Rotating Body with a Commercial Solar Simulator (2022)

Terliesner. S, Kaufmann. E, Grott. M, Hagermann. A
International journal of thermophysics, Vol. 43, nr. 7
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Characterization of the MASCOT landing area by Hayabusa2 (2022)

Schröder. S, Sakatani. N, Honda. R, Tatsumi. E, Yokota. Y, Domingue. D, et al.
Astronomy and Astrophysics
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Cometary dust analogues for physics experiments (2022)

Lethuillier. A, Feller. C, Kaufmann. E, Becerra. P, Hänni. N, Diethelm. R, et al.
Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol. 515, nr. 3, s. 3420-3438

Correction: Kalam Rover (2022)

Mukundan. A, Patel. A, Saraswat. K, Tomar. A, Kuhn. T, Wang. H
Paper presented at :
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Evidence of surface heterogeneity on active asteroid (3200) Phaethon (2022)

MacLennan. E, Marshall. S, Granvik. M
Icarus (New York, N.Y. 1962), Vol. 388
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Feasibility of using a software-defined baseband for multiple space per aperture (MSPA) ground operations (2022)

Browne Mwakyanjala. M, Hyvönen. P, de Oliviera. É, van de Beek. J
International Journal of Satellite Communications And Networking, Vol. 40, nr. 2, s. 133-147
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High-temperature rotational-vibrational O2CO2 coherent Raman spectroscopy with ultrabroadband femtosecond laser excitation generated in-situ (2022)

Mazza. F, Griffioen. N, Castellanos. L, Kliukin. D, Bohlin. A
Combustion and Flame, Vol. 237