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A Hybrid Statistical-Dynamical Downscaling of Air Temperature over Scandinavia using the WRF model (2019)

Wang. J, Fonseca. R, Rutledge. K, Martin-Torres. J, Yu. J
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
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A Software Roadmap for Solar System Science with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (2019)

Schwamb. M, Hsieh. H, Bannister. M, Bodewits. D, Chesley. S, Fraser. W, et al.
Research Notes of the AAS, Vol. 3, nr. 3
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A surface temperature and moisture intercomparison study of the Weather Research and Forecasting model, in‐situ measurements and satellite observations over the Atacama Desert (2019)

Fonseca. R, Zorzano Mier. M, Azu-Bustos. A, González-Silva. C, Martin-Torres. J
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, Vol. 145, nr. 722, s. 2202-2220
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Abiotic Input of Fixed Nitrogen by Bolide Impacts to Gale Crater During the Hesperian (2019)

Insights From the Mars Science Laboratory
Navarro‐González. R, Navarro. K, Coll. P, McKay. C, Stern. J, Sutter. B, et al.
Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets, Vol. 124, nr. 1, s. 94-113
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Adsorption of 5-aminosalicylic acid on kaolinite surfaces at a molecular level (2019)

Mahmoud E.. A, Escamilla-Roa. E
Clay minerals, Vol. 54, nr. 1, s. 49-56
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Aeolian transport of viable microbial life across the Atacama Desert, Chile (2019)

Implications for Mars
Azua-Bustos. A, González-Silva. C, Fernández-Martínez. M, Arenas-Fajardo. C, Fonseca. R, Martin-Torres. J, et al.
Scientific Reports, Vol. 9
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Analysing Geospatial Techniques for Land Degradation Studies in Hindu Kush-Himalaya (2019)

Bhardwaj. A, Kumar. R, Sam. L
Ingår i: Environmental Change in the Himalayan Region


Wolf. V, Völger. P, Kuhn. T, Gumbel. J
Paper presented at : The 29th International Laser Radar Conference (ILRC29)
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Are Slope Streaks Indicative of Global‐Scale Aqueous Processes on Contemporary Mars? (2019)

Bhardwaj. A, Sam. L, Martin-Torres. J, Zorzano Mier. M
Reviews of geophysics, Vol. 57, nr. 1, s. 48-77
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Balloon Ascent Prediction (2019)

Comparative Study of Analytical, Fuzzy and Regression Models
Garg. K, Emami. R
Advances in Space Research, Vol. 64, nr. 1, s. 252-270