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Article in journal

(3200) Phaethon polarimetry in the negative branch: new evidence for the anhydrous nature of the DESTINY+ target asteroid (2022)

Geem. J, Ishiguro. M, Takahashi. J, Akitaya. H, Kawabata. K, Nakaoka. T, et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters, Vol. 516, nr. 1, s. L53-L57
Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

A planetary chamber to investigate the thermal and water cycle on Mars (2022)

Vakkada Ramachandran. A
Article in journal

A Simple Way of Simulating Insolation on a Rotating Body with a Commercial Solar Simulator (2022)

Terliesner. S, Kaufmann. E, Grott. M, Hagermann. A
International journal of thermophysics, Vol. 43, nr. 7
Conference paper

Correction: Kalam Rover (2022)

Mukundan. A, Patel. A, Saraswat. K, Tomar. A, Kuhn. T, Wang. H
Paper presented at :
Article in journal

Feasibility of using a software-defined baseband for multiple space per aperture (MSPA) ground operations (2022)

Browne Mwakyanjala. M, Hyvönen. P, de Oliviera. É, van de Beek. J
International Journal of Satellite Communications And Networking, Vol. 40, nr. 2, s. 133-147
Article in journal

High-temperature rotational-vibrational O2CO2 coherent Raman spectroscopy with ultrabroadband femtosecond laser excitation generated in-situ (2022)

Mazza. F, Griffioen. N, Castellanos. L, Kliukin. D, Bohlin. A
Combustion and Flame, Vol. 237
Article in journal

International Asteroid Warning Network Timing Campaign: 2019 XS (2022)

Farnocchia. D, Reddy. V, Bauer. J, Warner. E, Micheli. M, Payne. M, et al.
The Planetary Science Journal, Vol. 3, nr. 7
Article in journal

Numerical heat transfer study of a space environmental testing facility using COMSOL Multiphysics (2022)

Vakkada Ramachandran. A, Zorzano Mier. M, Martín-Torres. J
Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, Vol. 29