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Concurrent attitude and orbit control for deorbiter CubeSat (2020)

Hakima. H, Emami. M
Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol. 97
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Concurrent development and verification of an all‐software baseband for satellite ground operations (2020)

Browne Mwakyanjala. M, Nieto. C, Emami. R, Beek. J
International Journal of Satellite Communications And Networking
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DFT study of electronic and redox properties of TiO2 supported on olivine for modelling regolith on Moon and Mars conditions (2020)

Escamilla-Roa. E, Zorzano. M, Martin-Torres. J, Hernäandez-Laguna. A, Sainz-Diaz. C
Planetary and Space Science, Vol. 180
Article in journal

DFT study of the reduction reaction of calcium perchlorate on olivine surface (2020)

Implications to formation of Martian’s regolith
Escamilla-Roa. E, Zorzano Mier. M, Martin-Torres. J, Hernández-Laguna. A, Saínz-Díaz. C
Applied Surface Science, Vol. 512
Article in journal

Discovering Earth’s transient moons with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (2020)

Fedorets. G, Granvik. M, Jones. R, Jurić. M, Jedicke. R
Icarus (New York, N.Y. 1962), Vol. 338
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The detailed dynamics of the June–August Hadley Cell (2020)

Hoskins. B, Yang. G, Fonseca. R
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society
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A Hybrid Statistical-Dynamical Downscaling of Air Temperature over Scandinavia using the WRF model (2019)

Wang. J, Fonseca. R, Rutledge. K, Martin-Torres. J, Yu. J
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences
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A Software Roadmap for Solar System Science with the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (2019)

Schwamb. M, Hsieh. H, Bannister. M, Bodewits. D, Chesley. S, Fraser. W, et al.
Research Notes of the AAS, Vol. 3, nr. 3
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A surface temperature and moisture intercomparison study of the Weather Research and Forecasting model, in‐situ measurements and satellite observations over the Atacama Desert (2019)

Fonseca. R, Zorzano Mier. M, Azu-Bustos. A, González-Silva. C, Martin-Torres. J
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, Vol. 145, nr. 722, s. 2202-2220
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Abiotic Input of Fixed Nitrogen by Bolide Impacts to Gale Crater During the Hesperian (2019)

Insights From the Mars Science Laboratory
Navarro‐González. R, Navarro. K, Coll. P, McKay. C, Stern. J, Sutter. B, et al.
Journal of Geophysical Research - Planets, Vol. 124, nr. 1, s. 94-113
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Adsorption of 5-aminosalicylic acid on kaolinite surfaces at a molecular level (2019)

Mahmoud E.. A, Escamilla-Roa. E
Clay minerals, Vol. 54, nr. 1, s. 49-56
Article in journal

Aeolian transport of viable microbial life across the Atacama Desert, Chile (2019)

Implications for Mars
Azua-Bustos. A, González-Silva. C, Fernández-Martínez. M, Arenas-Fajardo. C, Fonseca. R, Martin-Torres. J, et al.
Scientific Reports, Vol. 9