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Study Space Technology

Study Space technology if you want to do research or develop new technologies in the fields of space and aerospace technology. The development of space technology and space research is often conducted in an exciting international environment and many of our students do their thesis abroad.

Our programmes

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Graduate Opportunities in Sweden

Our Courses

D0001R Microcomputer engineering with space applications 

E7001R  Electronics in Space   

E7003R  Electronics in Space   

F7001E Radiative transfer

F7002E Atmospheric dynamics and climate                                            

F7001R  Space Plasma Physics                                               

F7004R  Atmospheric Physics                                                       

F7008R  The Solar System                                         

F7010R  Plasma Physics                                               

F7014R  Polar Atmosphere       

F7015R Spectroscopy for planetary exploration                                      

P7005R  Space Engineering Project 1                                      

P7006R  Space Engineering Project 2

P7012R Spacecraft Design Project

P7013R Project course: Spacecraft and Instrumentation 1

P7014R Project course: Space and Atmospheric Physics 1

P7015R Project course: Spacecraft and Instrumentation 2

P7016R Project course: Space and Atmospheric Physics 2                                 

R0007R  Engineering science and space technology

R7004R  Spacecraft Environment Interactions

R7011R  Image Processing with Space Applications

R7012R  Remote Sensing                                                           

R7013R  Space Instruments                                                  

R7017R  Space Physics

R7018R  Spacecraft on board datahandling

R7021R Space Communication

R7023R Propulsion with space applications

R7024R Space Materials and Structures

R7025R Orbit and Attitude Dynamics

R7026R Spacecraft Control

R7027R Computational Methods and Engineering Tools

R7028R Spacecraft Systems

R7029R Space System Engineering

R7030R Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation and Control