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The blockchain in focus at conference

Published: 9 May 2018

Can blockchain technology revolutionize the world economy and what impact can technology have on our future? The answers to the questions will be discussed at the Blockchain North conference on May 24th.

– The purpose of the conference is to highlight why blockchains have the potential to revolutionize the entire world economy. What are blockchains, how and why will society and companies change from the technology, and what does it mean for digital business and customer values? says Marie Nolin, Center for Distance-spanning Technology at Luleå University of Technology.

So far, blockchain technology is best known for its use in the creation of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, but it can be used for more.

– During the conference we will raise questions on how different companies can use the technolgy. For example, the technology canbe used to track ownership of documents and digital or physical assets, says Marie Nolin.

– The implications are many and will change many industries and markets. At Luleå University of Technology, there is already some research carried out in this field, and given the potential of the technology, the research will certainly increase.

Technique with advantages

The blockchain is a data handling technique. Instead of centrally managing information, it is distributed, ie spread out. The unique thing about the blockchain is that it is decentralized and that anyone can read and write data in it.

– The most common method of managing data is centralized: An authoritative node handles data for one or more others. A blockchain, on the other hand, is a distributed database. In addition, each node in the chain must verify changes and additions made by another node, explains Martin Lundgren, PhD student in Information Systems.

An advantage of the block chain is that information is spread to more actors. It can contribute to better clarity, but at the same time, it is slower and more energy-intensive than conventional methods because much computing power is required.

– The blockchain is really just in its cradle. Now, it looks extremely clumsy but it has grim potential and with more research, it will be used in many new ways, says Martin Lundgren.

The conference is organized by Luleå University of Technology and Boden Business Agency.


Marie Nolin

Marie Nolin,

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