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Activity plan

Third round of the graduate school


February 4:  PhD thesis defense, Sumeet Gajanan Satpute

February 12:  PhD thesis defense, Wissam Fakhardji

February 15:  PhD thesis defense, Moses Browne Mwakyanjala 

February 23:  PhD thesis defense, Erik Nyberg

March 8:  PhD thesis defense, Sandra Vázquez Martín

April 23: PhD thesis defense, Niklas Anthony

October 21: PhD thesis defense, Chris Nieto


January 24:  PhD thesis defense, Kanika Garg

March 17:  PhD thesis defense, Christo Dordlofva

June 8:  PhD thesis defense, Álvaro Soria Salinas


February 19-20: RIT meeting point, SIF8

March 24-26:  Rymdforum in Trollhättan

June 14 (9am):  PhD thesis defense, Veronika Wolf

September 4-5: RIT meeting point, SIF9

November 6:  Grande Finale Workshop

November 15:  PhD thesis defense, Audrey Schillings


Feb 8 (9am):  Licentiate examination, Christo Dordlofva

May 8-9:  (lunch-to-lunch):  RIT meeting point, SIF6 (mandatory for PhD students in RIT)

June 5 (9am):  Licentiate examination, Angelica Lindwall

June 8 (9am):  Licentiate examination, Audrey Schillings

August 29 - August 30:  Work shop at Malmfältens Folkhögskola, Kiruna

October 12:  PhD thesis defense, Etienne Behar

November 6-December 3:  Programming course


March 20-24:  Space environment, Asta Pellinen Wannberg and Carol Norberg

April 5:  Product innovation with space applications (lecture 1), Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck

May 8-10 (lunch-to-lunch):  Rymdforum in Kiruna (voluntary participation)

May 10-11 (lunch-to-lunch):  RIT meeting point, SIF4 (mandatory for PhD students in RIT), Product innovation with space applications, Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck with team

August 31-September 1:  Work shop at Onsala Space Observatory (August 30 is arrival day) program-Thuprogram-Wed-Fri

Oct 2-3: Product innovation with space applications, Lecture 3, Reza Emami and Peter Törlind, Kiruna

Oct 30-31: Product innovation with space applications, Lecture 4-5, Reza Emami and Anna Rathsman

Nov 2:  Licentiate examination, Erik Nyberg

Mid-November: Product innovation with space applications, final report seminar


January 18, February 8, February 22:  RTPA

February 23-26 (week 8):  Introduction to Space Technology, Kiruna, Carol Norberg and Asta Pellinen Wannberg (syllabus)

March 7, April 4:  RTPA

April 11-13 (week 15):  Introduction to Space Technology, Luleå, Carol Norberg and Asta Pellinen Wannberg

May 2:  RTPA, Final Exam

May 10-11 (lunch-to-lunch):  RIT meeting point (mandatory for PhD students in RIT)

August 31-September 1 (or 2):  Work shop in Abiska National Park

September 19-23:  Project management with space applications, Peter Berlin

October 19-20 (lunch-to-lunch):  RIT meeting point, SIF3 (mandatory for PhD students in RIT)

November 7-11:  Project management with space applications, Peter Berlin

December 5-9:  Space environment, Asta Pellinen Wannberg and Carol Norberg


September 30 - October 1:  Kick-off at Esrange, Kiruna (Back-to-back with the RIT kick-off)

November 2:  Introduction to Radiative Transfer in Planetary Atmospheres (RTPA), Kiruna, Javier Martín-Torres

November 16, December 2, December 15:  RTPA