The CompInnova project is one of many Horizon 2020 projects that Luleå University of Technology has participated in recently. Within the framework of the project, robotic researchers have developed a robot that can climb and inspect an aircraft body. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Successful participation in Horizon 2020 projects

Published: 27 June 2019

Luleå University of Technology is doing well when it comes to the allocation of funds and participation in the EU's framework program Horizon 2020. This according to a report from Vinnova.

According to Vinnova's report, Luleå University of Technology is ranked 9th on the list of which Swedish organizations have received most funding from Horizon 2020. Given the size of the university, this is a brilliant result.

In one of the program's pillars, industrial leadership, Luleå University of Technology stands out a little extra. The university takes place four, after KTH, Chalmers and Ericsson. Luleå University of Technology is also the organization that coordinated most projects within the pillar of industrial leadership.

– It is entirely in line with the university's applied research profile – this is what we do best, says Pär-Erik Martinsson, operational manager for ProcessIT.

– Our prominent positions in so many categories is no coincidence. We have worked purposefully and strategically for several years with advocacy work and networking and made Brussels aware of what our industrial partners need.

Collaboration brings success

According to Pär-Erik Martinsson, industrial leadership is very much about collaboration. But also about succeeding in making imprints in research areas where the university is at the forefront, such as mining, pulp and paper industry, robotics and automation. And large Horizon 2020 projects that the university successfully coordinated, such as DISIRE and Arrowhead, in turn create new platforms for even more project applications and collaborations.

– Success breeds success, it is valid even for EU projects. The Arrowhead Tools Project – that the University is currently coordinating – is an example of this, says Pär-Erik Martinsson.

Regional impact

Also when it comes to participation in the number of Horizon 2020 projects, Luleå University of Technology in particular and Norrbotten in general stands out. Norrbotten, Sweden's seventh smallest county concidering population, is ranked sixth on the list of county distribution of Swedish organizations' participation, just after the country's five most populous regions: Stockholm, Västra Götaland, Skåne, Uppsala and Östergötland.

– Norrbotten is Northern Sweden's engine for research and innovation. Over the past five years, half a billion SEK from Horizon 2020 has landed in Norrbotten, and we have contributed to the region's development, says Pär-Erik Martinsson.


Pär-Erik Martinsson, Operational Manager

Organisation: Signals and Systems, Department of Computer Science, Electrical and Space Engineering