Maarten Weijman
Maarten Weijman flew from Holland to Sweden to check out the master programme in Information Security.

Looking for a suitable education

He's traveled more than 2 000 kilometers to find out if he wants to attend the master Programme in Information Security at LTU.
– I am pragmatic, I had to come here and see for myself, the Dutchman Maarten Weijman.

Said and done. Maarten Weijman brought his father as company, got on the plane and arrived in Luleå several hours later. Once at Luleå University of Technology, they received a guided tour around campus.

– It feels like a really nice university and the climate here is charming. So far I like what I've seen, says Maarten Weijman.

– Studying abroad is about so much more than just studies. It is about exploring a new country and a new culture.

Maarten Weijman is soon about to finish his studies in Information Science at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. In his pursuit of graduate studies, he discovered the Master Programme in Information Security at Luleå University of Technology.

– Information security is already one of my focus topics. But I'm very interested in strategic management, not just the technical aspects. I'm searching for an education that reinforces just that bit, and I think that this Programme in Luleå does that, says Maarten Weijman.

– There is a human aspect to Computer Engineering that I like. Technology is one thing, humans another.