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UNIVERSEH Startech 22

Published: 17 August 2022

Do you have the knowledge and experience to want to be part of a team that develops an idea that uses Earth observation data? Challenge yourself, apply and become part of an interdisciplinary team that goes through the intensive Startech program.

Startech aims at coaching students towards the spirit of innovation. 20-25 selected students from all UNIVERSEH partners will be mixed to create five multidisciplinary teams with broad knowledge and competence. All teams will select an idea that uses Earth observation data  (e.g. a new application to help to monitor the gas pollution in the seas).

The Startech program is designed as an intensive one week experience; they should develop their idea into a marketable prototype/product/project. During the week, teams go through lectures, interact with business coaches and experts to build a set of crucial skills when creating new projects, new research directions or a new company. Lectures include creativity, business models, canvas, lean startup, IP, pitching, etc. Throughout the process, students are accompanied by teachers and by several experts. At the end of the training, the students pitch their project in front of a jury.


A maximum of five LTU students will be selected to attend the second UNIVERSEH Startech event hosted by the Luleå University of Technology in Kiruna Space Campus Oct 10-14.

The event takes place at Space Campus in Kiruna. During the week, the Space Innovation Forum is also held, where you as a participant have the opportunity to meet both researchers and companies from the space industry.

LTU/UNIVERSEH will sponsor travel and accomodation for LTU students.


The competition is open for all students at LTU BsC, MsC and PhD programs.

To apply for UNIVERSEH Startech, please prepare the following documents, which should be sent to by September 26 2022.

Short CV (1p)

Including name, age, nationality, address and program and year that you study at LTU

Personal letter (1p)

Why are you interested in attending this program? 

  • How this program is related to your main area of expertise or how it complements it? 
  • What are the topics you are mostly interested in through this program? 
  • If any, please detail your previous experience of similar programs 

Application video (2 min)

Applicants should append or link to a short video (2 minutes) that focuses on their competencies and their understanding of the UNIVERSEH Stratech program they apply to. 

Applicants are suggested to respect the following scheme: 

  • Presentation of yourself 
  • Presentation of the work performed during your studies and other relevant professional projects.
  • How your competencies could be valuable for developing earth observation data application.
  • How will the UNIVERSEH Stratech program help address your needs and achieve your goals? 

This video will be made available strictly only to the jury for application selection.

Selection criteria

Successful applicants will: 

  • be students from one of the partners' Universities
  • bring relevant competencies and experiences to the team
  • show capacity for openness and curiosity contributing to the training program 
  • be able to put the training program in perspective with their future career


The following criteria will be evaluated by the selection committee: 

  • Applicant’s profile (30%) 
  • Competence and experience (40%)
  • Motivation (30%)

Questions contact

Startech is organized within the framework of UNIVERSEH. UNIVERSEH gives you five European universities gathered on one campus. You can study courses, participate in events or study a semester at one of our partner universities.

We are UNIVERSEH: Fédérale de Toulouse (France), University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg), Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (Germany), Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza im. Stanisława Staszica w Krakowie (Poland) and Luleå University of Technology (Sweden)