Opto Acoustic Laboratory

Location: Building A, A2522

Description: Current projects include photo acoustic technique for tomographic studies. We are particularly interested in the integration of transmitter and detector of the same sensor.

Multimodal technology and function formal measurements

We are investigating how we can make technology multimodal, ie, using both light and sound as an information carrier to characterize the material. And opportunities to functionalising measurement results, ie, extracting information other than just the position from the combination of sound and light.

Monte Carlo simulations

Another branch is advanced Monte Carlo simulations of light scattering in fibrous materials. In the simulations, we consider light scattering both from the fine material, the size of light wavelength, and in the fibers that are much larger than the wavelength of light.

In the simulations light intensity and polarization calculates. The simulations are the basis to investigate whether scattered or transmitted light can for example be used to determine the fiber directions in a variety of paper materials. Other application areas exists also.

Photo Acoustics Laboratory is opened in 2008 and is likely LTU smallest laboratory, just spacious 10 square meters.

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