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A review of hosting capacity quantification methods for photovoltaics in low-voltage distribution grids (2020)

Mulenga. E, Bollen. M, Etherden. N
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, Vol. 115
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A bottom-up study of biomass and electricity use in a fossil free Swedish industry (2019)

Sandberg. E, Toffolo. A, Krook-Riekkola. A
Energy, Vol. 167, s. 1019-1030
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A Generic Storage Model Based on a Future Cost Piecewise-Linear Approximation (2019)

Alvarez Perez. M, Rönnberg. S, Bermúdez. J, Zhong. J, Bollen. M
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, Vol. 10, nr. 1, s. 878-888
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A new perspective on global renewable energy systems (2019)

why trade in energy carriers matters
Schmidt. J, Gruber. K, Klingler. M, Klöckl. C, Camargo. L, Regner. P, et al.
Energy & Environmental Science, Vol. 12, nr. 7, s. 2022-2029
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A practical tool to generate complex energy system configurations based on the synthsep methodology (2019)

Toffolo. A, Lazzaretto. A
International Journal of Thermodynamics, Vol. 22, nr. 1, s. 45-53
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A rotary frequency converter model for electromechanical transient studies of 16 (2/3) Hz railway systems (2019)

Laury. J, Abrahamsson. L, Bollen. M
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, Vol. 106, s. 467-476
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Achieving carbon-neutral iron and steelmaking in Europe through the deployment of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (2019)

Mandova. H, Patrizio. P, Leduc. S, Kjärstad. J, Wang. C, Wetterlund. E, et al.
Journal of Cleaner Production, Vol. 218, s. 118-129
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AFM Study of pH-Dependent Adhesion of Single Protein to TiO2 Surface (2019)

Dong. Y, Laaksonen. A, Cao. W, Ji. X, Lu. X
Advanced Materials Interfaces, Vol. 6, nr. 14
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Air heating system design for a sub-Arctic climate using a CFD technique (2019)

Lundqvist. P, Risberg. M, Westerlund. L
Building and Environment, Vol. 160
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An analysis of voltage quality in a nanogrid during islanded operation (2019)

Nömm. J, Rönnberg. S, Bollen. M
Energies, Vol. 12, nr. 4
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An Improved Statistical Method for Calculating Lightning Overvoltages in HVDC Overhead Line/Cable Systems (2019)

Lennerhag. O, Lundquist. J, Engelbrecht. C, Karmokar. T, Bollen. M
Energies, Vol. 12, nr. 16
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Application of spectral kurtosis to characterize amplitude variability in power systems' harmonics (2019)

Sierra-Fernández. J, Rönnberg. S, De La Rosa. J, Bollen. M, Palomares-Salas. J
Energies, Vol. 12, nr. 1