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A review of hosting capacity quantification methods for photovoltaics in low-voltage distribution grids (2020)

Mulenga. E, Bollen. M, Etherden. N
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, Vol. 115
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Biomass-based gas use in Swedish iron and steel industry (2020)

Supply chain and process integration considerations
Nwachukwu. C, Toffolo. A, Wetterlund. E
Renewable energy, Vol. 146, s. 2797-2811
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CO2 separation using a hybrid choline-2-pyrrolidine-carboxylic acid/polyethylene glycol/water absorbent (2020)

Chen. Y, Sun. Y, Yang. Z, Lu. X, Ji. X
Applied Energy, Vol. 257
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Effect of process parameters on the performance of an air-blown entrained flow cyclone gasifier (2020)

Hadi Jafari. P, Wingren. A, Hellström. J, Gebart. R
International Journal of Sustainable Energy, Vol. 39, nr. 1, s. 21-40
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Experimental studies of air-blast atomization on the CO2 capture with aqueous alkali solutions (2020)

Li. Z, Ji. X, Yang. Z, Lu. X
Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol. 27, nr. 10, s. 23901-2396
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Mechanical and microstructural evaluation of high performance steel (S700MC) for road restraint systems (2020)

Vuorinen. E, Hosseini. N, Hedayati. A, Kornacker. E, Fernandez. M, Sanz. J, et al.
Engineering Failure Analysis, Vol. 108
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Numerical Simulation of Biomass Gasification in an Entrained Flow Cyclone Gasifier (2020)

Hadi Jafari. P, Risberg. M, Hellström. J, Gebart. R
Energy & Fuels
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Off-gassing reduction of stored wood pellets by adding acetylsalicylic acid (2020)

Sedlmayer. I, Bauer-Emhofer. W, Haslinger. W, Hofbauer. H, Schmidl. C, Wopienka. E
Fuel processing technology, Vol. 198
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Particle-fluid interactions under heterogeneous reactions (2020)

Jayawickrama. T
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Prediction of fast pyrolysis products yields using lignocellulosic compounds and ash contents (2020)

Trubetskaya. A, Timko. M, Umeki. K
Applied Energy, Vol. 257
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Temperature performance of a heat-traced utilidor for sewer and water pipes in seasonally frozen ground (2020)

Pericault. Y, Risberg. M, Viklander. M, Hedström. A
Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, Vol. 97