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Artiklar, rapporter, m.m.

Publications at Energy Science

Article, review/survey

An overview of the progress of new working pairs in absorption heat pumps (2023)

Ji. L, Shukla. S, Zuo. Z, Lu. X, Ji. X, Wang. C
Part of: Energy Reports
Article, review/survey

Deep learning for power quality (2023)

Oliveira. R, Bollen. M
Part of: Electric power systems research
Article in journal

Experimental and theoretical study on ion association in [Hmim][halide] + water/isopropanol mixtures (2023)

Wang. H, Zuo. Z, Lu. L, Laaksonen. A, Wang. Y, Lu. X, et al.
Fluid Phase Equilibria, Vol. 566
Article in journal

Fate of phosphorus in pulverized fuel co-combustion of sewage sludge and agricultural residues (2023)

Häggström. G, Hannl. T, Holmgren. P, Broström. M, Skoglund. N, Öhman. M
Fuel, Vol. 335
Article in journal

Fifty years of sewage sludge management research: Mapping researchers' motivations and concerns (2023)

Bagheri. M, Bauer. T, Ekman Burgman. L, Wetterlund. E
Journal of Environmental Management, Vol. 325
Article in journal

Including uncertainties in harmonic hosting capacity calculation of a fast EV charging station utilizing Bayesian statistics and harmonic correlation (2023)

Nakhodchi. N, Bakhtiari. H, Bollen. M, Rönnberg. S
Electric power systems research, Vol. 214
Article in journal

Kinetics study and performance evaluation of a hybrid choline-glycine/polyethylene glycol/water absorbent for CO2 separation (2023)

Chen. Y, Liu. S, Sun. K, Jiang. J, Wang. D, Yang. Z, et al.
Separation and Purification Technology, Vol. 304
Article in journal

Role of Surface Morphology on Bed Material Activation during Indirect Gasification of Wood (2023)

Faust. R, Valizadeh. A, Qiu. R, Tormachen. A, Maric. J, Berdugo Vilches. T, et al.
Fuel, Vol. 333, Part 1
Article in journal

Techno-economic analysis of off-grid PV-Diesel power generation system for rural electrification: A case study of Chilubi district in Zambia (2023)

Mulenga. E, Kabanshi. A, Mupeta. H, Ndiaye. M, Nyirenda. E, Mulenga. K
Renewable energy, Vol. 203, s. 601-611
Article in journal

The effect of turbulence on the conversion of coal under blast furnace raceway conditions (2023)

Wartha. E, Haugen. N, Karchniwy. E, Bösenhofer. M, Harasek. M, Løvås. T
Fuel, Vol. 331, nr. Part 2
Article in journal

The use of deep learning and 2-D wavelet scalograms for power quality disturbances classification (2023)

Salles. R, Ribeiro. P
Electric power systems research, Vol. 214, nr. Part A